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At IERP, we achieve high performance, resolution, and quality due to proprietary surveying equipment and processing technologies based on our unmatched operating experience.

We design powerful generators, high-speed multichannel telemetric receivers, and smart software for acquisition, processing, modeling/inversion, and geological interpretation.   

The SGS-TEM, FastSnap, SGS-MT, SGS-VES telemetric systems and software packages designed and manufactured by our specialists have been in broad use in Russian and international practices. 

The acquisition systems and survey methods applicable to targets of any structural complexity ensure high time and space density and resolution of measurements. Recording at short sampling intervals reduces noise and improves accuracy of data.

We use a special quality management system implying multiple tests, calibration, and checks of equipment before and after deployment, and its scrupulous maintenance, as well as quality control of acquired data, processing, and modeling results.